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Christmas is-a-coming!!

Can't feel my fingers ...

... or toes, ears a-tinglin' with the sound of bell-ringers, nostrils a-twitchin' with the whiffs of mulled wine, hot dogs and popcorn.  Can only mean one thing - the annual Tankerton Christmas Fair in and around the lovely Whitstable Castle and grounds.  Fast becoming one of my favourite gigs of the year, helped by it being a) only 3 minutes from home, b) a chance to catch up with friends and neighbours (including those we were out on the razz with in Whitstable only last night!

Cider not with Rosie

Well, at least now Dougie has been (deservedly) crowned King of the Jungle 2011 I might get around to some admin, including updating this blog a bit more regularly!   My money was on Mark but there wasn't much to choose between them.

Closer to home... in Tank no 1 the cider is a-bubblin away merrily now and the ciderist veterans tell us a slow fermentation is best, so we're not worryingtoomuch that tank number 2 hasn't kicked off yet!  Looking to rack off (spot use of technical term here) in February or March unless the weather turns tropical again.

Dorset Ginger

We've got a few bottles but will probably be ordering more between now and Christmas, how many (cases of 12??? lol) do you want? x

Christmas is a-coming

Christmas is a-coming...  and we've got LOADS to tempt you at the TP!
Best-selling prezzies so far are our leather doorstops (bunny, elephant and tortoise, they're FAB), bags-o-beer (or cider... or a mixture of both), any three of our 500ml local ales or ciders in a handy jute bag for a tenner, the gorgeous cream liqueurs from Lyme Bay (double chocolate, brandy and butterscotch, and ginger cream. Yummmmm), and our new 'welcome birds', motion-detecting birdies that sit on your porch and sing to anyone coming to your door (the cats love 'em).
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